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Road to Recovery Forum
10:00 - 11:00
Headline Series
Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs
The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
Director, P&T Commercial
DP World UAE Region
Chief Commercial Officer
DP World UAE Region
Head of Air Pollution and Energy Efficiency of the Maritime Environment Division
International Maritime Organization
Managing Director, HI Kaptanoğlu Shipping
President of BIMCO
International Maritime Organization
Executive Chairman, Enesel Pte Ltd
Chairman, International Chamber of Shipping
Founder & CEO
E Treanor Media

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  • The coronavirus pandemic has impacted shipping in critical ways, from cargo volumes and freight rates to newbuilding delivery schedules, and, most significantly, the working conditions of its workforce.  What are the lessons which the shipping industry can/should take from this experience?  Will there be a lasting legacy from Covid 19 for shipping?   
  • The Middle East is emerging as a maritime hub of global importance, in fleet ownership and operation, ports and logistics, shipbuilding and repair, and in maritime services. Importantly it also projects an increasing voice in international maritime affairs. What are the next steps for the region in achieving its goals as a centre of maritime excellence, with a world class industry knowledge base and a diverse and highly trained maritime workforce?  
  •  A year on from its introduction, what is the impact on the region of the IMO’s 2020 sulphur emissions regime? The availability and consistency of compliant fuels, the operational performance of scrubber technology, compliance with, and enforcement of, the regulation.  
  •  The ship/port interface. How the region is responding to the opportunities and challenges of adopting digital technologies at sea and in port. Speed optimisation and the case for just in time arrival in ports.  
  •  The route to zero emissions. An evaluation of the alternative fuel options for the industry from LNG to hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. 
How Should the Offshore and Maritime Industries Prepare for the Global Energy Transition?
12:00 - 13:00
Seatrade Maritime Club
Founder & Managing Director
Chief Executive Officer
P&O Martime Logistics
Specialist Counsel
Wikborg Rein
Managing Director
Shipping Strategy Ltd

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In the last year, Repsol, Total, Shell, and bp have all made commitments to become net-zero emissions energy businesses by 2050. In the last three months, bp has committed to immediately cease oil and gas exploration in new countries, reduce their production output of fossil fuels by 40% by 2030, reduce the operational emissions from upstream oil and gas production by 40% by 2030, and achieve a ten-fold increase in investment into low carbon technologies by 2030. There is no doubt that the transformation of the world's oil majors to energy majors is going to have a significant impact on everyone involved in the energy supply chain, particularly those in the offshore sector. 

  • What will the energy markets look like from 2025 and beyond? 

  • How will the energy transition affect the demand for offshore support vessels? 

  • What pressures will be placed on shipowners to reduce their own operational emissions as part of the supply chain? 

  • How should shipowners prepare for such massive changes to the structure of the industry? 

  • What are the key untapped opportunities created by this transition for companies that own and operate vessels today? 

This session is open to Seatrade Maritime Club members.

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