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Accelerating Shipping's Clean Energy Transition
10:00 - 11:00
Headline Series
SVP Ship Management
ADNOC Logistics & Services
Business Development Manager
DNV GL - Maritime
General Manager
Technical Director
Founder & CEO
E Treanor Media

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Whilst the evidence grows of a broad industry consensus on the absolute priority of action on the decarbonisation of shipping, and as the range of possible solutions expands, the need to coalesce around a clear strategy towards the IMO target of halving industry greenhouse gas emissions by 2050 is now urgent.  With multiple new technologies and industry initiatives now emerging, the objective of this panel will be to distil the choices available in a clear and objective way and to provide pointers for the optimum way forward. 

  • With a widening range of strategies emerging across the industry, from green financing ideas to green pilot projects, involving the full spectrum of stakeholders from charterers to port operators, what is the most compelling way of converting ideas into concrete action? 
  • What are the commercial and technical pros and cons of the alternative fuel options now under consideration, including hydrogen, ammonia, methanol and biofuels? Are electric vessels likely to become an option for deep sea shipping, or is this a technology that will be limited to shortsea deployments? 
  • Where should research and development efforts in identifying technology solutions be directed, and how should those efforts be funded? 
  • With new IMO guidelines due to be published in 2023, what will the role of regulators be in creating a level playing field?  Will regional regulators in the EU, the US and elsewhere align themselves in a harmonised global system? 
  • Do you see the economic disruption created by the pandemic as an interruption to the drive towards decarbonisation, or as an opportunity to accelerate progress through the inclusion of sustainability investments in government stimulus packages? 


Virtualisation of Telecommunication Services - New Opportunities for All Vessel Types
12:00 - 13:00
Deep Dive Live
Chief Commercial Officer
Thuraya Telecommunications Company
Chief Executive Officer, Asia, Middle East and CIS
IEC Telecom Group
Chief Executive Officer
Synergy Offshore

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Digitalisation enables optimised operations, cost efficiency, and a competitive advantage, and the COVID-19 pandemic has further served to accentuate the need for digital solutions in the maritime sector. In the past digitalization was reserved for large vessels connected to VSAT. Virtualisation of telecommunication services extend this benefit to all vessel types over compact L-band terminals. With the small boats sector forecasted to become a $13.8 billion industry, digital communications are now more pertinent than ever.

In this session, we’ll be emphasizing the benefits of digitalisation that are now available to small vessels via state-of-the-art virtual platforms, keeping in mind investment and space constraints.

This session will also discuss in-depth:

  • Increasing penetration of IoT
  • Setting up remote offices
  • Enabling remote maintenance services
  • Adopting and incorporating cloud services
  • Complying with IMO 2021
The Rapid Advance in the Adoption of Digital Technologies and How This Will Roll Out in the Decade Ahead
14:00 - 15:00
Deep Dive Live
Founder & Managing Director
Managing Director/CEO
Reefknot Investments
Co-Founder and CEO
METIS Cyberspace Technology SA
Chief Digital Officer
Wilhelmsen Group
Head of Information Technology
P&O Maritime Logistics

The COVID crisis has accelerated the adoption of digital tools across the shipping industry. The pandemic has created a flurry of spending on those digital services that make it possible to keep critical operations running while the world deals with lockdown measures. But it has also put the brakes on many of the more strategic digital transformation projects going on across the industry. In this session, a panel of industry leaders who are at the forefront of digital transformation in shipping will discuss the long term impact of this rapid adoption and how the industry should go about leveraging digital transformation to strengthen their businesses for the long term including:

  • How can the adoption of digital tools enable operational resilience in times of crisis?
  • How should technology leaders balance the need to quickly adopt new technology in times of crisis with the need to have a clear long-term digital vision for a maritime business?
  • Can the investment case still be made for digital transformation during times of economic uncertainty or downturn?
  • As the pace of technology adoption continues to increase across the industry, how should industry leaders balance the adoption of open source and proprietary software and ensure that we can equip people with the skills they need to keep up?
  • Looking further ahead, what will be the long-term impact of automation and artificial intelligence technologies on the shipping industry?