H.E. Eng Hessa Ahmed Hamdan Almalek

H.E. Eng Hessa Al Malek
Advisor to the Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs
The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure

Well-educated and equally experienced, Eng. Hessa Ahmed Hamdan Al Malek has been a
trailblazer in maritime both regionally and globally. Accomplishing a number of noteworthy
achievements on both personal and professional levels, she has paved a path for ambitious
women all over the world to follow. Currently, Eng. Hessa serves as the Advisor to the
Minister for Maritime Transport Affairs, The UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure
With over 20 years of experience in distinctive fields such as urban planning and
development, maritime transport, land design and management, and public works, Eng.
Hessa is well-versed as it pertains to the ins and outs of the industry. Her expertise includes:
maritime strategy, policy, and governance in the maritime sector, maritime legislation,
maritime education and training, port development infrastructure, as well as certifications in
a number of maritime training courses related to strategy, policymaking, management,
human resources and more.
Eng. Hessa worked in the Ministry of Public Works for 14 years as she was promoted
from Project Manager in 2000 to Undersecretary Assistant for Public Works in 2012. During
her work at the Ministry, she gained extensive experience, leadership and
management skills, especially in the management of the public works management such as
effective design, implementation and management of engineering projects and maintenance
(buildings - roads) and specialized knowledge associated with urban planning and GIS.
In her postion at the FTA, Eng. Hessa contributed to the prosperity of UAE maritime by
successfully fulfilling her responsibilities of supervising all works of the local maritime
sector at a federal level. This included updating the UAE’s new maritime law, enhancing
maritime education, protecting the country’s maritime infrastructure, overseeing ship
registration development, and representing the nation in industry related events.
Furthermore, Eng. Hessa also plays a key role in the strategic framework of the UAE’s policy
and strategies for maritime administration by acting as the head of the Maritime Technical
Executive Council.
Today, Eng. Hessa is also the President of the Arab Women in Maritime Association (AWIMA),
where she continually strives to empower and encourage aspiring females to remain
relentless in their pursuit of a maritime career. Through these efforts and an unwavering work
ethic, Eng. Hessa has become an inspiration for countless women who are seeking to enter
and make a name for themselves in the maritime industry.